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TMS Therapy Treatment Program We offer an advanced and integrative TMS treatment program. Integrative TMS involves combining a modified talk therapy into our TMS treatment sessions. Hence, every TMS appointment includes both biological changes via TMS and cognitive and behavioral changes via engaging the individual offering talk and supportive therapy. Using TMS technology, we treat or manage various conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, chronic pain, and autism.
Counseling & Therapy Service We offer a holistic approach in therapy utilizing individualized strength approach, various modalities of therapy techniques, effective coping skills, healthy relationship building, and mindfulness exercises.
Short-Term “Bridging” Psychiatric Consult Service (Medication-based) We recommend the Bridging program if : 1) There is a need for a thorough psychiatric evaluation and assessment of your full mental health history and status. 2) There is a need for short-term solution for those who are in transition in their mental health management. This is appropriate when an individual cannot be seen by another clinic in an adequate time frame. We can help the individual transition to another provider for long-term medication management once short-term coverage is complete. We will help connect the person to the appropriate desired resources. 3) If you have questions regarding your current diagnosis or medication profile, we offer a second opinion evaluation, assessment and recommendation of the person’s current mental health state. We will help connect the person to the appropriate desired resources.
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Please note, all our providers do not work with court related or court ordered counseling or treatment. All our providers do not get involved in custody issues and do not write reports on a family's behalf. Our Providers do not fill out disability paperwork unless patient has been seen by our providers for a minimum of 3 scheduled appointments. In addition, an appointment needs to be made to actually complete the disability forms in person between the provider and patient.
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