We offer an advanced and integrative TMS treatment program.  We treat or manage various conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, chronic pain, and autism.

TMS Therapy

Psychatrist Consultation

There are various TMS protocols we adopt at Lighthouse Psychiatry. In general, all TMS treatments are delivered at our outpatient clinic. Because TMS does not use any anesthesia before, during, or after the treatment, you will be able to arrive and leave our clinic on your own, without the need of special accommodations. This is much different from most other neuromodulation therapies, which require special pre-procedure prepping and post-procedure surveillance. In the treatment of depression, the TMS therapy protocol entails approximately 37-minute treatments, 5 days a week, and lasting about 6 weeks
In addition, we offer a specialized psychiatric consult service.  
The primary goal is to provide a thorough psychiatric  evaluation and assessment of your full mental health history and status.  In addition, we offer a short-term solution for those who are in transition in their mental health management.  We can help the individual transition to another provider for long-term medication management.  We will help connect the person to the appropriate desired resources. If you have  questions regarding your current diagnosis or medication profile, we offer a second opinion evaluation, assessment, and recommendation of the person's current mental health state.